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Who is Richard Simcott?

A polyglot from Chester and a life-long language learner.

I have over a decade’s worth of professional experience using languages with a plethora of clients. As part of this work I offer my language expertise on multi-lingual and multi-national projects as a language consultant.

I have also taught a number of languages to people across the globe at various ages, from infants to seniors. This places me well to write about language learning from a range of abilities, learning rates and personality types.

In language learning, as in other subjects, there is no one system that fits all.

You can hear me speaking in a selection of some of the languages I have studied over the years in my 16-language video on YouTube. This video displays languages at different levels of learning. My hope with the video is to encourage other people to learn languages. You may also see other videos I have made on my YouTube channel – youtube.com/torbyrne.

I have been consulted for articles in The Times and Forbes on language learning. I was also described as one of the most multilingual people from The United Kingdom by HarperCollins, when they launched a competition to find the most multilingual Brit under the age of 22 (winner Alex Rawlings).