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November 25, 2021 by 5 Comments

Starting a new language? Improving one you have studied already? Would you like to learn a language with me? Well here is your chance! This is not a course. This is not a book. No gimmicks. Just you and me. This is how you get to learn a language with Richard Simcott.

Everyone is Welcome to apply
Everyone is Welcome: Learn a Language with Richard Simcott

A Life of Learning Languages

I have been learning languages since childhood. My main focus for language studies has been in Romance, Germanic and Slavic languages. I have studied a number of other languages from around the world too.

A Video Presentation to show the links between 20 Languages

Knowing What it Takes

After many years of using products, courses and self study methods to learn, I have been able to see what works and what doesn’t work. The language learning process is individual to YOU.

Learning about YOU

In order for me to help you with your language learning, I will need to know about YOU. This programme will be highly personalised to YOUR personality, YOUR timetable, YOUR goals and YOUR personal situation.

What You Get

Support for what YOU need. The programme consists of a one-on-one meeting with me each week as well as daily communications. This level of commitment is crucial to the programme. This needs to be personal. The only way to achieve that is regular direct communication between us.

Experience with Personal Studies

During Covid I have been working with a few individuals on their language learning needs. This personalised approach that I have developed during this year has given me insight into what really works. I also really enjoy the personal sessions myself as I enjoy watching people succeed and grow. My passion to see YOU excel is what drives me.

Cost of Sessions

Clearly I need to eat. But I also want to be open to the people who need me too. So I have decided not to put a price on these sessions. I will be restricted by the number of hours in my day, so this will be an application process instead. I will take into account ALL answers to the questions to make final decisions, so it’s fair to ALL of us.

Application and Interview Process

To get the chance of studying with me, you need to fill out the following application form.

Learn a Language with Richard Simcott!

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  • Irene Mcnamara says:

    I would like to learn Polish. I already studied Russian in college, so I think I am a good beginner candidate for Polish.

  • Robert Ogan says:

    I think you know this already, but there are going to be people who will not be able to follow through, even among the highly motivated. I think it would be a great experience, but I have young children, and I know that it would not work out. My study time is usually in the morning or when I go on my bike rides (audio) in the late afternoon. Everybody has their own system and times worked out, and that’s great, but many will just not be able to commit themselves as they would like to. I wish you and your students much success!

  • Irene Mcnamara says:

    I forgot to say something. I have wanted to learn Polish all my life. I am a senior citizen now, and I have no contacts with the Polish community.

  • Irene Mcnamara says:

    This is an additional comment. I have no problem paying you. Your knowledge and experience are invaluable. I studied Russian, and have studied 2 years of Classical Greek in college. I have also learned some German and Spanish. I want to learn Polish now, and have left some comments on your Live Chat.

  • Marcio Antonio de Oliveira says:

    I love languages
    I m 43 years old
    I m Brazilian

    I speak portuguese , spanish and I need improve my english

    I admire you a lot

    Thanks for this oportunit

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