This sounds like a very simple question and it is one that I am asked regularly.  The short answer is…it takes continuous study and plenty of practice.  The methods involved in learning a language though can vary.  Even for me, there have been different ways in which I have learnt different languages.

Why change tactic?

Well, the way I learn languages depends on what I am learning the language for and to what level I need to speak it.  I couldn’t answer the question about how I have studied languages in one post, so I will need to break that up and explore it in future posts.

If your goal is to get to a high level of fluency in a language, then this post and accompanying video are for you.  :)

Meet Jordan Chark

I had the pleasure of talking to Jordan Chark, a young Canadian who decided at the tender age of 13 to learn Icelandic.  He taught himself the language over three years in Canada and was noticed by the Icelandic media after a video his made on YouTube went viral on the Icelandic corner of the Internet:


Following his appearances in newspapers and TV on the island, he went over to Reykjavik to take his relationship with the language to the next level.

In this chat we had together, we discuss his journey and we talk about the challenges faced by people learning languages, especially smaller world languages, outside the country where it is spoken.  I hope you enjoy it:


Interested in learning Icelandic?

Jordan shared this wonderful resource with me:

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Please do let me know what else you might like me to ask Jordan in our next chat together.  I’d also love to hear about your language experiences.