Polish your Polish

Can you get your tongue around the weird and wonderful consonant sounds in Polish?  Watch this video I put together and see how you do too!  Post a reply to the video with you saying “chrząszcz”!  Each group of languages I have studied has a special place in my heart.  The Romance and Germanic languages

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Sharing your language story – MehrsprachICH

The Goethe Institute has launched a video competition called MehrsprachICH for people who speak a number of foreign languages.  This is the latest in a recent wave of interest in our ever-growing online language community, polyglots, hyperpolyglots and the language-learning process in general.   Why share your language story?   Growing up I always wished

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How do you learn a language?

This sounds like a very simple question and it is one that I am asked regularly.  The short answer is…it takes continuous study and plenty of practice.  The methods involved in learning a language though can vary.  Even for me, there have been different ways in which I have learnt different languages. Why change tactic?

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