PimsleurPeople often ask me about various courses that you can buy to learn a new language.  I have tried many of them, including TeachYourself, Colloquial, Michel Thomas, Assimil, Linguaphone as well as many online materials from LingQ to Busuu to LiveMocha.  I have found that all have something to offer.  One method that comes up again and again is Pimsleur.  I am often asked what I think about it on two points:

  1.  Is it useful for getting a good accent?
  2. Does the course get you to a good level?

Point one is going to be the easier of the two for me to assess, simply because I can decide right away what I think of their technique.  Judging the end result depends entirely on the claims made by Pimsleur and my understanding of those claims.

What level do they expect the learner to achieve with the materials given?

I need to go to source to find out what Pimsleur have to say…

In the video below I set out the details of what Pimsleur claims to provide in terms of level after you complete one of their courses.  I also offer you the chance to challenge me to study a language using one of the Pimsleur courses from 15th April for a 30-day period.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62mSF9Qh0vQ&w=420&h=315]

Vote on which language I should pick on my Facebook page (facebook.com/SpeakingFluently).  I will announce the result of the vote on Sunday 8th April and start learning the language you have chosen for me.

I will write a post about my experience with Pimsleur on this blog at the end of the course.  I will also make a YouTube video to document my ability in the new language.

If you want to hear my thoughts after each lesson, you can catch my tweets (@SpeakinFluently) to get a daily update.

If you speak the language I end up studying and you want, and are able to spare some time, to help me to practice speaking it for the final video, please do get in touch!  :)