Today marks the end of the A1 level of my Turkish.  We had the writing, listening and reading parts of the exam on Monday and the oral exam just today!  I can hardly believe that it has been three months since I started learning Turkish.  But it’s not over yet… 😉

From Monday I will be continuing with my studies for the A2 exam in April.  The hope is that I will complete that in three months too and then move on to the B1 level before the summer break.  If you’d like to know what these levels are, then check out the Wikipedia page on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

So, what can I say in Turkish?

I have had 12 hours a week of tuition in the language and we have covered all of the usual basic themes, you would expect at beginner’s level.  We covered:

  1.  Introductions, numbers, days, months, seasons and colours (the basics)
  2. What there is and isn’t
  3. What we do?
  4. Where we are (coming) from?  Where we are going to?
  5. Telling the time
  6. Talking about friends and family
  7. Talking about our home and city
  8. Using words to order events (after, before, until etc.)
  9. Food and cooking
  10. Getting and asking for help

In terms of grammar, we covered the cases and also verbs in the present and past tenses to a degree.  We can handle some verbs in the future tense because of our exposure to them in class.  Other grammar items were specific to Turkish grammar, so not so useful to highlight here.   If you are interested in seeing exactly what we covered, then a look through the first 6 chapters of Yeni Hitit will give you the complete lowdown.

We have probably come across 2000 words in that time, not all of which we know of course.  However, we do now have a good grasp of the basics to make a start on the next stage in our learning.

I have made a short video of my speaking Turkish.  I did this to mark the stage I am at now in my study, so I can go back and listen to it after A2.  I am hoping to see a marked improvement in my abilities in 2012.   I will make it live and add it in here as soon as it has uploaded and I have topped and tailed it.  😀

Studying a new language really requires quite a lot of will power.  It has not always been easy for me to commit the time and effort to my Turkish, but I do feel a great sense of achievement now that I have sat the A1 exam.

I am planning a video and a blog post about motivation to continue with language studies and to really see through with our goals.  Please share with me your experiences and thoughts as I would appreciate your input.


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