How do you learn a language?

This sounds like a very simple question and it is one that I am asked regularly.  The short answer is…it takes continuous study and plenty of practice.  The methods involved in learning a language though can vary.  Even for me, there have been different ways in which I have learnt different languages. Why change tactic?

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So…how is my Pimsleur Hungarian? :)

You picked Hungarian for me to study for one month to try out the Pimsleur method. I finished the 30-day level one Pimsleur Hungarian course and the results are in! On 15th April I started my 30-day Pimsleur Hungarian challenge. The course I used was from my local library. It came with a booklet with

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Many people have asked me how I stay motivated.  In order to answer this question, I need to also define a few things.  When people talk about motivation, especially related to language learning, I get the impression that they expect to be motivated 100% of the time, or close to it. To me saying, “I

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